Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Thought on this Corrupt World we Reside in

For all the confusion and the world to make sense we must take a step back and observe. It is only when all the level headed minds come together, and this means ALL, can we make a change. All the big bosses running the world, need to take a step back and listen to the little guys who, daily,  come face-to-face with the problems we are trying to solve. It is only when this happens that we will be able to make a change on a global scale.

The saddest matter of it is this: It will never happen. The hard truth is that the big bosses will never listen to us little people. Even when some little people move up, it will not be enough, because the world is corrupted, and those controlling it make all the decisions. If they wanted to they could prevent a majority of the horror taking place in this world of ours, but they allow it to continue for their own benefit.  I am disgusted by my own race, to know that we allow all these things to happen.

Truth be told, I would rather be an ant, now that's teamwork and commitment.

Song of the moment: Jay Norton - Made in England

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