Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Call It.

We sat together and watched time pass us by. We watched as day passed into night, summer into winter. As the world around us, developed, devolved. Diminished into nothingness. But still, as time ended around us, as life as we knew it, came to decease, we were, side-by-side. We remained, changing only in order to grow stronger, to bind us tighter together in trust and matrimony, as we lost what we had once known to be life.

On this day, I learnt. In life and death, sickness and health, during turmoil and hardship, we will stand strong. Because you are my defining force in life, you give to me what no one, and nothing ever could. You have created for me a home. It has no set location, no formation, no build, no visible substance, but for us, we can feel it, and only we are aware. But this home protects us, I call it our Love.

A dedication to my love.

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