Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Love Lies Here

Love lies not only in the shared smiles
And the blush-worthy limerick of the young man with his heart stolen.
It lies not only in the run of her fingers
Through his hair and the curling of toes as lips meet.
It lies not only in the whispered 'I love you's'
Or stolen glances

Love lies here, in tears shed
And the gut-wrenching insults hurled from one lover to another.
It lies here in the moments when you fear you may lose them forever
And those terrifying words, 'We need to talk'.
It lies here in the cheating and betrayal
Where you find the love of your life has succeeded to do what you feared most.

This is where love lies.

Created from:
Love is not merely in the smiles you share, it is in the tears, along with the hurtful insults and the blush-worthy compliments. The good and the bad.

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