Friday, 26 August 2011

Those Three Words

Truth be told, I do remember when you last said those three words to me. It was after a huge argument, and you felt the need to, in order to make everything better. I didn't buy it.

In a world where life slips away so easily, we do not have time to let those we love forget it. If we love, we must love completely, there is no room for in between or maybe's. We shouldn't need a stressful situation, or detrimental accident to prompt us into telling someone we love them. If there's nothing holding you back from telling this person, if there's no real reason as to why you don't remind them that you love them, why should it take so long? Why should it be so hard? That's not love.

You can live your life loving someone and never telling them, never reminding your parent, or child, or best friend, that you love them, but just think; what if something happened to them, or yourself, and you never got the chance to tell them you love them?

People always comment on how frequently those three words are used, and yes they are, and often they are not meant, but when they are, is it not nice to hear it? To say it? To see the face of the person you love light up at the thought of being loved?

It's in our nature. We love. As we should.