Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Sililoquy

I feel stupid... no, not because you let me down, I'm sorry, I didn't mean you 'let me down', more, because you couldn't make it. But anyway, it's not because of that. I guess, I feel stupid because... You remember right, talking about how I don't get excited that you're coming anymore, because I worry that you'll tell me you can't make it? Well... That pretty sums up why I feel so stupid. You don't understand? Ok, look, I told myself to stop being stupid, and I let myself get excited, for once.
You wanna know what's so bad about that? I'll tell you. My fear right. You didn't show, you couldn't make it, you disappointed me, you let me down. I'm sorry. I don't mean to make you feel so bad, but that's how I feel. You never made it, the one day I bothered to get excited.
I guess my timings just off, you know, you understand. Maybe next time, I'll be excited, you'll turn up. Maybe. 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Animal Kind

I recently discovered an acquaintance of mine has purchased a mink coat, and I could not be more disgusted. I am confused by the sheer lack of care a majority of human kind has for other species, no matter how I try, I fail to comprehend why someone would use an animal, merely for it's skin and then discard it as if it were a piece of scrap paper.
I understand the use of cows skin for leather, and pigs skin for suede, as these are animals that humans feed on, but to use animals merely for the purpose of fashion? To ruin food chains and endanger species we do not feed on, for the sake of having the 'real thing'? 65 female mink or 35 males go into making ONE coat, just one!
There is no need for any person, no matter how rich, or fashion conscious, to use the skin of these animals, where faux furs and faux silk are so readily available. Quality and texture is no question as there are faux furs available which are so close to the real thing only a specialist would be able to tell the two apart.
I am not an animal rights activists, or a member of any animal protection societies, I am merely a girl who is horrified by the ignorant species she is a part of.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Day...

Sitting in the park watching the guys play basketball, with the footballers behind me, makes me think, that in the few short years there has been since I turned twelve, life hasn't changed so much. The boys still including new people into their games and the immediate acceptance that come with it.

This is what life should be, the barbeques in the park, picnics and family games and good moods with smiles from strangers. Why is it these moments only happen on days like this? Days of unexpected sun and last minute plans. Why cant this feeling of benevolence and lack of prejudice and judgement be apparent throughout the year?

Why are people so naturally hostile?