Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Who Am I?

Is it possible that one could be, a mere entity, wandering this earth, their purpose in life, solely, to please?
What if there are people who are so malleable that they cannot hold onto one true persona, or one way of life; so they fluctuate, between minds, being what they are wanted to be? Being someone different, with each different person they encounter?

But they do not change in order to be accepted and liked, only to make those around them happy, in order to be the person each and everyone they encounter, can trust, depend on, talk to.

Is it possible that someone could live a happy, fulfilled life, never knowing who they truly are, because,

they aren't truly anything?

Or maybe,
just maybe,
their identity lies in the hands of the person they meet who means most of all to them, a lover, a friend, a relation??

Maybe they only find their true identity when they find this person, deciding that this person is everything they want, so they become everything he/she could ever want?

So maybe, the question: WHO AM I? bares no meaning in this context, because you will be, who you are told to be.

You will be everybody,

but you will be no one.

'The trouble was, I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn’t thought about it.' - Sylvia Plath

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