Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Green Lights

So I have just been listening to Aloe Blacc - Green Lights, and it inspired me to write, as it's been a little while. So I'm just going to write about positivity and Aloe Blacc's ability to inspire and make people feel good.

In this song he describes, 'something special happened today', a series of events in which he was lucky. But it said something different to me, something along the lines of this; there's no need to sit around waiting for something special to happen, or your luck to change. Why not get up, and make that something special happen. It is up to us as individuals to create our own luck, to find opportunities and put ourselves out there, and even if we don't make it the first time over, as least we can take pride in the fact that we tried.

Life isn't about coasting through waiting for something to happen, it's about creating the world YOU want to live in, creating the person YOU want to be, so YOU can take pride in what YOU have and who YOU are.

So make something special happen today.
For You.