Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sometimes I Wonder...

Sometimes, I wonder, what if I run out of things to say?
What if I lose my voice, lose my ability to share my opinion?
What if my writing peters out into nothingness?
What if I never get recognised for my talent? Or what if I'm not even talented enough to be recognised?

These are the things I fear...

But to fear, is to disable yourself, to fear is to admit that there is something stopping you from achieving greatness, it is the recognition and acceptance that you may not succeed, that you may not fulfill your dreams. It is allowing yourself to step back, to be defeated, to let someone else take your spot in the limelight.

So if everyone fears, no one succeeds.
If everyone takes that step back, there is no one left to stand up, to step forward, to proclaim, 'I am not afraid!'
And if everyone took that step back, well we would have nothing, all those great minds, of peace, of love, creativity, talent, invention, and independence. All those minds would be disregarded, forgotten and left in the shadows.

I guess I just have to teach myself, not to fear.

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