Monday, 13 October 2014

Loving You

Why do you get to be the special one?
Why do I sit here, rotting on the inside?
While you flourish
You flourish and blossom in the light that I gave you
That you STOLE from me

You’re the one they feel sorry for
You’re the one they pat on the back whilst whispering,
‘It will be OK’
Where is my ‘OK’?
When am I the victim?

You took it all, and you keep on taking
What do I get?
But to sit here, heart breaking, hands shaking
Raging and wilting in the pain that you left me with
While you got the glory

Happiness was within reach
Or so I thought
You dangled it there in front of me
You watched me dance and grasp at strings
This is what I got

Loving You

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