Friday, 13 September 2013

A Kiss

Your gentle fingers brush away a few stray strands of hair from my face; you look at me with such love and intent. My chin cupped in your hand, you draw my face toward your own, your eyes boring into my soul. You move closer, slowly but sure of your intentions, as your lips brush mine, my heart stops, I don’t think. I am taken into another world with you, with you as my only company. A euphoric world, your lips press against mine, your tongue caressing them ever so slightly, past my lips and I feel your love wash over me.

The pressure increases and the world which surrounds us disappears completely, you pull me closer to you, your body pressed to mine and I feel your heartbeat on my chest. My pulse races, my breath hastens. My cheek is pressed to yours now, I feel your heat take over me, my lips are at your ear now as you kiss my neck with your tender lips.

Your hand brushes against my collar bone and down my arm, you pull me closer to you still as your lips meet mine a final time before you release me from your spell and you are back to staring into my eyes. A hint of madness behind a mist of love and I melt once more before I compose myself and my heart teases my lips into the usual smile that gets you smiling right back at me. I say to myself, ‘I love this man with every inch of me, my body, my soul, my heart,’ and I vow to devote my life to you, looking into your eyes once again, I know I will have no difficulty in keeping this unspoken promise.

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