Wednesday, 7 August 2013


To discover, that beneath the horror, which masked the pain,
Lay a girl.
A girl who is sweet and kind,
Loving and compassionate.
That for nineteen years of my life,
She was there, by my side
And I,
Was clueless.

We strayed beyond the realms of sisterhood,
Unhinged by pasts shared
Pasts we wish we could have forgotten
Torn away from one another,
By the struggles of coping with an angry mother.

It pains me to know,
That I didn't know,
Who you were.
I didn't know that you were mine,
That I was yours
That we have been always.

Held together by a bond we didn’t recognise,
Or consider being a possibility.
Now here you are, in front of me,
Laughing with me,
Smiling with me,
Loving with me.

Wishing we could have,
Thinking we might have,


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